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$100 to $20,000 Grants to Minnesota Child Care Providers

Deadline: 05-01-2023
Grants to Minnesota legal licensed and unlicensed child care providers for facility improvements.

$25,000 Grant for Black-Owned Small Businesses from New England

Deadline: 01-01-2030
This grant program aims to create a lasting impact through the economic empowerment of Black-owned small businesses across New England with grants of $25,000 to be awarded on a rolling basis.

COVID-19 Small Business Economic Recovery Grant Program - Georgia

Deadline: 01-01-2030
The Grant Program will assist small businesses in eligible locations in Gerogia that have been negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Up to $30K Grants for Projects to Enhance Ethereum Use

Deadline: 12-31-2024
Funding is intended for projects at any stage of development.

$5K to $10K Grants for Black Women

Deadline: 12-31-2024
Grants to support high-impact ideas and solutions and break down barriers caused by racial inequality.

Grants to Minnesota Startups to Cover Business Expenses Incurred in the State

Deadline: 06-30-2023
Grants of up to $35,000 to Minnesota emerging companies to cover business expenses incurred within the state.

Grants and In-Kind Support to Entities from Louisiana to Market Tourism Events

Deadline: 03-01-2023
Grants and in-kind support to Louisiana nonprofit organizations, businesses, and municipalities in eligible communities to promote and market tourism opportunities that attract visitors from outside the area.

$30,000 in Grants to Florida Businesses to Benefit the Local Tourism Industry

Deadline: 03-13-2023
Grants of up to $30,000 to Florida nonprofit organizations and businesses for events and activities that generate significant income for the tourism industry in eligible areas.

$45,000 Grants to Florida Businesses to Increase Tourism

Deadline: 03-13-2023
Grants of up to $45,000 to Florida nonprofit and for-profit organizations to increase tourism in eligible locations.

$90,000 Grants to Florida Organizations for Events and Programs

Deadline: 03-13-2023
Grants of up to $90,000 to Florida nonprofit and for-profit organizations for special events and programs that generate significant media and promotional impact in eligible locations.

$10k to $100k Grants to Entities from HI to Restore & Preserve Historically Important Buildings

Deadline: 10-13-2023
Grants to Hawaii nonprofit organizations, for‐profit businesses, and government agencies in eligible areas to beautify, preserve, and rehabilitate historically important structures and buildings.

Grants for Minnesota-based Small Businesses for Export Development Activities

Deadline: 01-01-2030
Grants to Minnesota-based small businesses to participate in export development activities.

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